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Maintaining an Aquarium

























Sometimes you feel so tired and stressed out after a full day at work. You hurry home to get some rest and peace. The home is most people find the environment to recover from depleted energies especially if you have an aquarium in your living room.  Watching an aquarium with colorful fishes lazily swimming inside has been proven to be relaxing and therapeutic. The graceful movements of the fishes on the water have soothing effects on the mind and body.


An aquarium, however, won't be relaxing as it should be if you do not know how to good care of it.  Seeing a dead fish floating on belly up on the water when you get g home from home is adds to the stress you may be feeling already. There are things that you must know and do in order to prevent this.


Aquarium fish maintenance starts from choosing the fishes, cold water or tropical, and how many of each you want in your aquarium. Overcrowding can be deadly. Fishes need adequate space and right amount of water in order to remain healthy. This means choosing an aquarium with the right size. You need to have the correct equipment such as water conditioners, filters or heaters, etc... to maintain proper temperature and deal with impurities. Read further facts at


You put the fishes inside the aquarium only after you have performed a nitrogen cycle which breaks down the dangerous elements in the water. The process of populating the aquarium is often slow. You put in a few at first, then, add others in the next days. Feeding is done two to three times a day. 


The tiring part of maintaining an aquarium is the cleaning. Some aquarium maintenance experts recommend that you partially change the water once a week. To do this, you need a siphon and gravel vacuum.  While you are cleaning substrate, 20% to 30% of the water is pulled out. You can replace the water from the tap, but do not forget to apply water conditioner to it.


There are things that you can't do if want your aquarium to be a source of pleasure. One is you cannot stress your fishes.  Sometimes you get the urge to make them move the way you want. This is dangerous since disturbance can affect their health. You have to put your aquarium in a place where your pet cat can't get to it.


Before you decide to have an aquarium in your home make sure you understand what are it requirements. Try to read some articles about aquarium maintenance in the internet. Continue reading and learn how to maintain a fish tank.